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Writing, design and development – Marvel

Full Time (Jan 2017 – Nov 2017)
  • Writing about design on the Marvel blog
  • Managing blog contributers
  • Editing and curation
  • Social media management
  • Front end development for the marketing site
  • Automating marketing workflows using code and Zapier

Front-end Developer & Designer – IBM

Full Time (June 2014 – Jan 2017)
  • Rapidly prototyping ideas using different mediums
  • Actively engaged in the entire design process - from research to development
  • Carrying out user testing through observing and interviewing users
  • Developed IBM Remix with design thinking
  • Bridging the gap between design and engineering, assessing feasibility
  • Interviewing candidates for design roles
  • Using code as a design tool
  • Harnessing ever-changing media in elegant ways to bring ideas to life

Web Developer - Freelance

Full Time(Sep 2013 – Apr 2014)
  • Working with clients to develop web solutions that meet their requirements.
  • Developing around various CMS such as WordPress, Magento and Joomla
  • Utilizing Search Engine Optimization techniques to promote businesses.
  • Developed custom WordPress Plugins, e.g. Google News and Amazon Book recommenders. 

Graduate Software Developer – NST

Full Time (Jan 2013- Aug 2013)
  • Worked within an in-house development team on the analysis and development of software projects to meet business requirements, using agile scrum methodology.
  • Responsible for the implementation of change requests, and bug fixes to existing software.
  • Experienced unit testing existing software, improving code coverage.
  • Produced Performance Reports using MS Reporting Services.
  • Managed the development life cycle of work-items using Team Foundation Server.

Management Accounting Internship – STM Fidecs

Gibraltar, Full Time (Jun 2009 – Jun 2010)
  • Communicating with banks to send transcations
  • Bookkeeping stuff

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I gained a BSc(Hons) degree in management and accounting at the University of Aston in 2011. Apart from the business side of the course, I took optional modules in IT and Web Development, and Systems Analysis. I also worked a year abroad in Gibraltar at STM Fidecs - a trust and company management firm.

In September 2011-2012 I went on to study a masters in Computer Science at the University of Liverpool, achieveing a distinction. My Masters dissertation was on devising and creating a visualization and navigational interface for browsing ontologies.

In January 2013, I worked as a junior software developer at NST Travel, an educational travel company. I worked on in-house software, fixing bugs and implementing new features and changes to existing software under the guidance of the lead developer.

In July 2013 I started working as a freelance developer, whilst taking courses to learn new technologies. I worked directly with clients, developing numerous websites from start to finish, whilst experimenting with different technologies to build each site. I took the course: 'Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps', an online course from the University of London. This enabled me to use my programming skills in a more creative way, and learn how to develop for mobiles.

During this time, I also took 'Startup Engineering', an online course from Stanford University, with a view to creating an online start-up business called Lostgrad. Leading on from this, I founded Lostgrad.com, a website to help students discover resources. A beta version of the site was launched in February 2014.

In July 2014 I started working at IBM Design. Notable highlights were living in Texas for 3 months on IBM Design Camp, and designing and shipping IBM Developerworks Recipes. Also it has been exciting to see how design can influence a corporation.

In January 2017 I began working at Marvel in the marketing team. This job involved writing articles about design, scheduling blog contributer content, and also scheduling social media content. I also made some workflow tools to speed up some marketing tasks, saving hours for the team.

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MSc Computer Science 

(September 2011 - September 2012)

Distinction, University of Liverpool

This degree gave me a deep and systematic understanding of selected issues at the forefront of current research in the academic discipline of Computer Science. Here are the modules I studied: 

  • Database and Information Systems
  • Web Programming
  • Object Oriented Software Development
  • Multi-Core Programming
  • Advanced Web Technologies
  • Data Mining
  • Technologies for E-Commerce

BSc Accounting for Management

(October 2007 - July 2011)

2nd Class Hons, University of Aston

My Accounting for Management degree focused on the crucial role which financial information plays in decisions made by management teams. Therefore the degree provided a broad insight into the business world, looking at managerial aspects, not just financial accounting. These were some of my favourite modules from this course:

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Company Law
  • Strategic Management
  • Auditing
  • Organisational Context of Management Accounting
  • Systems Analysis
  • IT and Web Development

Uni of Maryland

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems

(March - May 2014)

Online course from Coursera

Distinction: University of Maryland, College Park

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Uni of London

Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps

(July - September 2013)

Online course from Coursera

Creative Programming, Distinction : University of London

This was a 6 week course, consisting of the following modules:

  • Introduction: sonic painter
  • Interactive D/VJ app
  • Music player and sensor controlled visualiser
  • Game with physical modelling and synthesis
  • APIs accessing and processing social media data
  • Music machine

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Startup Engineering

(July - September 2013)

Online course from Coursera

Startup Engineering, Distinction : Stanford University, Online  

This introductory course teaches engineering, design, and marketing in the context of mobile web development. Final projects are apps that are entered into a student leaderboard competition.

Learning Highlights:

  • Node/npm, Basic JS
  • Dev Environment: Unix CLI, git, emacs, nano, REPL, dotfiles, HTML
  • Product/Design: Market research, wireframing, design, HTML/CSS
  • Deployment, DNS, Domains
  • Marketing: Video Editing, Analytics

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I have experience with the following programming languages:

  • I worked as a Graduate/Junior Developer at an Education Travel company, and used Microsoft Techologies in Visual Studio on a daily basis for around 6-7 months.
  • I also had the chance to use Microsoft Reporting Services to report on application usage over a period of time which was great.
  • I've used PHP and MySQL a lot whilst freelancing and working on my own projects. I've used it to develop numerous websites and plugins in WordPress, and also whilst working with Magento and OpenCart.
  • I've also used a lot of AJAX, and JSON in my Lostgrad Project
  • I used Java first as part of my computer science degree, in the module 'Object Oriented Software Development'.
  • I've also used JAVA to develope native android apps.
Swift/Objective C
  • I've experimented with swift whilest developing an RSS reader app. This also involved scraping the surface of Objective C 
  • I used C++ as part of my computer science degree, when studying multi-core programming.
HTML/HTML5, JavaScript (jQuery), CSS/CSS3
  • I have extensive use of these technologies from creating web prototypes at IBM, and also through developing IBM Remix
  • Utilized a lot of these when carrying out front end development.
  • I learned a lot about ontologies, mainly using RDF as part of my thesis for my MSc.
  • I've a lot of experience parsing RSS and APIs in developing web applications and native apps.
Node.JS, SQLlite, AngularJS
  • I've now started using Node.js for all my development work, in fact this site is created using Node. 
  • I've also written tutorials on Node CMS frameworks here