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MSc Computer Science 

(September 2011 - September 2012)

Distinction, University of Liverpool

This degree gave me a deep and systematic understanding of selected issues at the forefront of current research in the academic discipline of Computer Science. Here are the modules I studied: 

  • Database and Information Systems
  • Web Programming
  • Object Oriented Software Development
  • Multi-Core Programming
  • Advanced Web Technologies
  • Data Mining
  • Technologies for E-Commerce

BSc Accounting for Management

(October 2007 - July 2011)

2nd Class Hons, University of Aston

My Accounting for Management degree focused on the crucial role which financial information plays in decisions made by management teams. Therefore the degree provided a broad insight into the business world, looking at managerial aspects, not just financial accounting. These were some of my favourite modules from this course:

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Company Law
  • Strategic Management
  • Auditing
  • Organisational Context of Management Accounting
  • Systems Analysis
  • IT and Web Development

Uni of Maryland

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems

(March - May 2014)

Online course from Coursera

Distinction: University of Maryland, College Park

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Uni of London

Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps

(July - September 2013)

Online course from Coursera

Creative Programming, Distinction : University of London

This was a 6 week course, consisting of the following modules:

  • Introduction: sonic painter
  • Interactive D/VJ app
  • Music player and sensor controlled visualiser
  • Game with physical modelling and synthesis
  • APIs accessing and processing social media data
  • Music machine

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Startup Engineering

(July - September 2013)

Online course from Coursera

Startup Engineering, Distinction : Stanford University, Online  

This introductory course teaches engineering, design, and marketing in the context of mobile web development. Final projects are apps that are entered into a student leaderboard competition.

Learning Highlights:

  • Node/npm, Basic JS
  • Dev Environment: Unix CLI, git, emacs, nano, REPL, dotfiles, HTML
  • Product/Design: Market research, wireframing, design, HTML/CSS
  • Deployment, DNS, Domains
  • Marketing: Video Editing, Analytics