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IBM Watson IoT Zone

Posted on May 8th, 2015 by Graeme

Technologies used: three.js, dust templating, node.js

This project involved re-designing the Internet of Things Bluemix solutions page to:

  • encourage users to interact with a demo application embedded within the page
  • fit in more with the IBM Bluemix style guides

The demo application was written using three.js and used to demonstrate how to get started with the IoT service. The app shows a virtual representation of a user's mobile device, mirroring the orientation of the device as they move it. To use the sample app, users needed to enter a device name and 4 digit code as shown below:


IoT Zone before

After some user feedback, we found users weren't inclined enough to try the sample app. So we changed it to display a preview of the app before the user has even connected their device, giving them a better idea of what the demo was about as seen below.


IoT Zone before

The website can be seen here, and the changes we made will be visible soon.