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Lostgrad Community

Posted on March 3rd, 2015 by Graeme

Site Overview

lostgrad homepage


In the learn section, the site aggregates courses from various course providers such as Coursera, Udemy, and Futurelearn, storing various bits of data about each course, and assigning a subject category. For example, when Computer Science is filtered from the side panel, only computer science courses will be shown: lostgrad course search 

A 'selected options' box is show in the top right to keep track of the user's filters, since it is possible to make multiple selections - e.g. Computer Science + Free + University + Course Provider. As each selection is made, the page reloads dynamically using AJAX to respond to the user's selections.

The user doesn't have to navigate away from the page either when opening boxes, as the box animates to the center of the screen, and then another AJAX request is sent to get present more data about that selection:lostgrad course search


Users activity is displayed in the Community Activity feed: lostgrad course search


Users can add items from around the site to their 'Backpack', allowing them to track their interests. A user's Backpack can be accessed from their profile: lostgrad course search

Job Search

At the moment, Lostgrad pulls in jobs from Indeed Jobs search. In the 'Work' section, it only finds jobs relevent to graduates - either graduate schemes, or entry level/junior roles. Whereas in the 'Experience' section, it finds voluntary, student, placement and internship jobs. Jobs found are categorised by profession, and also allows filtering by location, job type, company, and job provider.

lostgrad course search