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Shopping Ontology Visualization

Posted on March 24th, 2015 by Graeme

This was my MSc Computer Science dissertation for which I obtained a distinction.

You can see the whole project by clicking here.


An ontology will be developed for locating shops (and goods). A visual representation of the ontology will be provided through an automatically updating graphical interface, enabling clearer user navigation of the ontology. A query interface will be developed and added as a search box to the graphical interface, enabling a user to easily run basic queries against the ontology from the graphical interface, with query results also displayed on the graphical interface.


In order to provide the visualization of the ontology, a jQuery plugin called jOWL from ontologyonline.org will be used. 
jOWL enables custom user interfaces for navigating ontologies to be developed. 
Below are different ways jOWL can be used to load and display the shopping ontology:

The visualizations provided may take around 10 seconds to load as the ontology is large. Firefox browser may ask you to stop the script running - please ignore this message.

  1. Shopping Ontology Hierarchy Interface - This page enables users to browse the class hierarchy of the ontology.

  2. Shopping Ontology Query Interface - This page enables anybody on the web to explore and understand the shopping ontology through the use of queries. It shows how different parts of the ontology can be accessed when designing the map interface

  3. Final Ontology Visualization Interface - This is the final product of this project, providing a visual representation of the Shopping OWL Document.