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10 reasons to use the MEAN stack

Posted on March 25th, 2015 in Articles, Node.js by Graeme

The MEAN stack is a combination of MongoDB, Express, Angular.js and Node.js, and can be used to quickly build fast applications that also scale well. The 'quickly building' part of this is great for front end developers needing to rapidly prototype, as the only thing needed to build an application is the front-end javascript. All the server side data can be ignored, allowing full focus to be given to the user experience.

Here's 10 reasons the MEAN stack is so great:

  1. All of the MEAN stack speaks in JSON, making everything much simpler and interactive.
  2. Most of time is actually spent using Angular, so once you’re quick at that, prototyping is super fast.
  3. The same API can be used for both mobile and web applications, so you would only need to build one
  4. The server doesn't have to build HTML code, which makes it much faster as that's a lot of work - now it's done entirely on the client side.
  5. Data storage is a lot easier in the NoSQL world - no more SQL
  6. It’s all just JavaScript, HTML and CSS - so it's understood by all developers
  7. The application produced will be modular, so there's no giant convulated codebase
  8. No heavy transformations are required to change web requests into SQL queries, as everything is JSON.
  9. There's more browser leverage, meaning less time trying to make it work, and more time to working what matters - the UX.
  10. It's fun (just to make it 10, but it's also true)

Have any thoughts?